Continuing education is big for me. The field of dog training is constantly changing and we must change with it. Here are some of my go to websites for reading and webinars as well as some of my favorite produdcts designed to help further your training. 


the karen pryor academy

The Karen Pryor Academy inst just for dog trainers, they cater to the every day dog owner too. Their website is filled with valuable information designed to help strengthen your relationship with your dog. My favorite feature of this resource is the archive of articles written by top animal trainers from all over the county. It's like getting the opportunity to learn from them with out the cost. 

Freedom No-Pull harness

Having learned the hard way, I will always recommend a body harness over a traditional flat collar or other type of equipment. Harnesses take the pressure off of the delicate structures in the neck and throat and can potentially save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache. 

That being said not all harness are created equal. Some harnesses are specially designed to help alleviate some of the pulling a dog does naturally. These harnesses are called front clip harnesses where the leash actually attaches to a point on the dogs chest. I recommend the Freedom No-Pull Harness. 



kongs, kongs, and more toys like kongs

I can't recommend enough toys that require the dog to actually use their mind for good things, not bad. Kongs are often time the start of making the dog's every day life more enriching. Not only does it require the dog to think about what they are doing, it also works well to entertain the dog for longer periods of time with out the necessary human interaction.