Canine Behavior Concepts gladly provides in home training to the seacoast area including but not necessarily limited to, Nottingham, Barringtion, Exeter, Portsmouth, Newmarket, Lee, Durham, Hampton Falls, and surrounding towns. 


Before starting any packages, I ask that you have a consultation with me to assess any behavioral problems your dog has and what goals you would like to accomplish. Consultations are ninety minutes long and are done in the comfort of your home. 

In home coaching

Coaching provides the perfect combination of hands on instruction and weekly homework assignments designed to give you the skills to develop the behaviors you wish to see in your dog. 


Basic package 

The basic package includes four (4) one hour sessions tailored to you and your dog's needs. Some basic skills owners may choose to give their dogs are 

  • Crate training - staring them off right ensures having a dog that is comfortable in their crate for as long as they need to be crated
  • Walking politely on a leash - perfect for those evening strolls around the neighborhood
  • Simple cues like sit and down 

Skilled package

The skilled package includes eight (8) one hour sessions designed to give you and your dog basic foundation behaviors and start proofing those skills in more real world situations. These may include

  • Settling on a bed - great for those dogs who love to be in the way all the time. Dinner time just became a whole lot stressful with Fido lounging in the corner
  • Heel - take that walk and turn it into a heel, perfect for many occasion
  • Handling techniques - make husbandry times like nail trimming and ear cleaning less stressful, for both you and your dog! Also great as a foundation for stress free vet and groomer visits
  • Come - this behavior should be on every dogs list. What a great feeling when you call your dog to come and your not worried about them not hearing you and getting into potentially life threatening trouble


day training

Too much to do? Too little time? Have no fear, day training is here! This option is designed with you in mind. Here is how it works. You pick a package that suits your needs and I do all the work for you, literally. You don't even have to be present during most of the training sessions.  Package lengths vary from two weeks to four weeks and are custom tailored to your every need. 

I come to your house and work with your dog, one on on. This allows your dog to quickly learn new behaviors and strengthen them daily.  Each package includes

  • Four (4) one hour sessions with just your dog each week
    • During these sessions I will give your dog the skills that you desire to make them a well behaved member of the house.
  • One ninety minute session a week with your dog, myself, and you!
    • During this session I will go over what your dog has learned, allowing for easy transfer of cues from myself to you. 
  • Three one hour private lessons upon completion of the package
  • Appropriate handouts designed to help you maintain those new behaviors once our trainer hands the leash over to you.
  • Ongoing email support

crate basics

Settling in a crate is an important skill for every dog. However most dogs have a really hard time doing so. This package of four (4) forty-five minute sessions will give you and your dog the basic skills to make crate training a breeze. 

You will learn how to make the crate a safe space for your canine companion as well as how to help them be comfortable. Included in this package are daily homework assignments and tools to help your dog succeed. 

potty basics

During this forty-five minute consultation you will learn the secrets to creating a rock solid potty training plan. Combined with management and an understanding of dog behavior, potty training is possible.