Our Philosophy

Canine Behavior Concepts believes that every animal, and human deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion. We employ only the most sound, scientific methods. For this reason we only use positive reinforcement techniques backed by decades of research by top canine professionals and researchers alike. 


about me

Hi there! My name is Leanne McGaughey Rubchinuk and I am graduate with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy's Intensive Professional Dog Trainer Program. I also have my bachelors degree from The University of New Hampshire's Equine Program. 

During my nine months in the professional program at The Karen Pryor Academy I studied every facet of modern, science based dog training. Hundreds of hours were put in studying books, videos, and lectures, writing dozens of papers, and lots of hands on time training dogs and other animals. Those nine months gave me an extremely well rounded education. Upon completing this program, I pledged myself to taking a proactive approach to teaching behavior. I promised myself and others that I would focus my energy on creating training plans for my learners that will set them up of success. I will always look for opportunities to reinforce behaviors I like and manage those that I don't. Perhaps the most important part for me is that I pledge to not use aversive methods or forced based techniques to teach or train behaviors. There are simply better alternatives.  


I can't remember a time growing up when we didn't have some kind of animals, whether it be horses or dogs. I always took for granted how well behaved the family pets were, never quite realizing that my parents were putting in all the hard work keeping them on their best behavior. It wasn't until later on in my life that I got my first dog of my own, Millie. I was in no way prepared for a dog when she basically fell into my lap, but I couldn't say no. I soon realized that I had no idea how to train Millie, let alone any dog for that matter. So thus my journey began. 

I struggled with even what I thought (at the time) the easiest of tasks; potty training. I couldn't get her to sit, come, or walk on a leash. So I turned to the help of the professionals. I signed her up for a basic obedience class at a local facility and we were finally off on the right foot. Once I got started I couldn't stop. It amazed me that when I changed the way I thought things should be done that I could actually get her to respond not only once, but continuously. I owe a lot of my success today to her. She pushed me to be the best trainer I could be, and still does. 



a horse of a different color?

One of the major pieces of the Karen Pryor Academy is taking the skills and information we already have and applying it to a different species of animal. It only made sense that I use the two goons pictured to the left, Peanut Butter (left) and Noah (right). It was an eye opening experience to learn that the same principals of behavior that I use on a daily basis with hundreds of dogs could elicit the same response on an completely different animal. I am happy to report that even though the program has come to an end these two boys still very much enjoy their training sessions!